The short version:

I'm a content strategist based in Holland, Michigan.

The long(er) version:

In terms of formal education, I did a four-year stint at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, where I studied American literature and Philosophy. After briefly considering continuing on the academic path, I decided I would instead put the writing and researching skills I picked up at Hope to a different use.

I've written poetry, done academic research, written ad copy and grabbed a hold of anything I can get my hands on. I've worked as a researcher, a journalist, and as a copywriter. I've been freelance, at agencies, and in-house. 

Every piece I work on has in-depth, hands-on research as its starting point, and that research informs my creative process long after I've put pen to paper. Experience has taught me to deconstruct and dig into every project until I've found the nut at the center: the story that needs to be told. As in my career, I let my curiosity lead my process.

While I began working with words, I've recently moved into the realm of information architecture and content strategy. This shift was natural for me, since the analytical part of my brain thrives on devising organization systems for data and determining how to make the user experience of those systems effortless. 

If you like what you've heard so far,  get in touch. I pride myself on quickly connecting with clients to make sure their needs are met. I could always post my resume here, but if you're really that interested in my particulars you can check out my LinkedIn page. Personally I find the best way to tell if I'd be a good fit for you is to meet and hash things out.